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Heavy Metal, Jazz and AI careers.

I think there's a parallelism between my music journey and how to develop a career in AI.

Learning the foreign language of AI - the 4 levels of AI understanding.

I’ve lived outside of my home country for 5 years. That means that for 5 years I’ve bought groceries, asked for directions, made friends, argued, dated and a bunch of other stuff in a language that is not my mother tongue.

What an Italian cake taught me about innovation

Innovation requires fast iteration cycles. And so does my mum's cake.

Who should be in charge of defining AI projects? Balancing business and tech teams in organizations.

A good AI project has a strong intersection between business and technology. These two worlds are often in the hands of different people within an organization. Who should be in charge of AI projects then?

Want to bring AI into your organization? Practice empathy.

As technology evolves and becomes more democratic, the winners will be the organizations that are best at integrating it in their DNA, rather than who can write the best code. To make this happen, empathy has to be in your arsenal - practice it.

So you want to be a Data Scientist? A framework to figure out how (and if you really want it)

Often people ask me "How do I become a Data Scientist?". In this post I introduce a framework to understand whether you really want to become a Data Scientist, and how to build your path to becoming one.

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